About BWPL

Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics (BWPL)

BWPL is published twice a year by the Centre for the Study of Language Development and Linguistic Communication, Department of English, University of Bucharest. It publishes novel work of current interest in all areas of theoretical and applied linguistics. It aims to offer a platform for the discussion of synchronic and diachronic research, with no theoretical or trend bias. The only criterion applied in the selection of papers is scientific quality.

BWPL publishes articles, review articles and book reviews of recently published titles. It also publishes themed special issues.

BWPL is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal. The reviewers are experts in the domain of the paper which they are invited to evaluate. They are not part of the editorial staff of BWPL and they are asked to disclose any potential conflict of interest prior to the reviewing process. The peer-reviewing policy ensures that manuscript evaluation is confidential and unbiased.